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Larry and Cathy Mitchell began working with factories providing quality seating for worship areas more than 30 years ago.  We founded Church Connect, Inc. - originally Mitchell Consulting, Inc. - to identify ourselves as devoted factory representatives of affordable fine quality church seating products.  Church Connect focuses on working together with church committees and leaders, architects and designers, construction managers and business owners to create the worship environment you envision.  

With our 30 years experience as factory representatives, we offer you our expertise and insight to provide the best seating for your current church building project.  We can:
 1.  Provide free estimates
 2.  Provide numerous furniture samples
 3.  Provide pictures, drawings of various furniture styles, parts and  
 4.  Help with furnishing layouts, providing knowledge of 
          * Interior seating codes
          * Furniture spacing requirements
          * Needs for aisles and people flow
 5.  Help with color coordination - fabrics and frames with other interiors
 6.  Answer any questions about all aspects of 
           * Products and accessories
           * Purchase, delivery and installation/set-up process 
 7.  Provide all contracts. 
          * Most are with the specific factory
          * In rare cases, with Church Connect
 8.  Make field measurements to make sure new furniture will fit into your
 9.  Fine tune your order with any changes or additions that may come up 
      prior to delivery. 
10. Help schedule your delivery time and installation.
11. Check on the final installation to make sure your are completely 
      satisfied with your purchase.
12. Be a local presence to work through any post completion problems 
     with your furniture.
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