Pew Accesories
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Ends are available in two basic styles - cantilevered ends and the more traditional style ends. Here are just a few of the ends available.
Assembly of God, Meridian, Idaho
Canitlevered Ends
#45-C                                        #728-C                                        #354-C
Traditional Ends
#321/Botonnee           #331          #444/Botonnee
All ends may include a routed cross and a routed edge.  Some examples are shown on the traditional ends.  Several styles are available.
Hymnal Racks
Solid oak hymnal racks can accommodate 2, 3 or 4 books, or may be continuous from support to support.  Racks may include card and pencil holders and communion cup holders.
Custom made deluxe kneelers are fully upholstered and padded with solid oak trim.  Kneelers fold up out of the way and easily slip into a lowered position for use.
Upholstered Pews
Oak Pews
Pew Accessories