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Church Connect has over 20 years experience working with the pew manufacturing industry. As a reliable nation-wide pew distributor, we are dedicated to finding the best furnishings that fit your design, function, and pricing plans for churches in the United States and Canada.  
Pews by 
The MARSHALL Company
    The Marshall Company 
offers experience and dedication in designing beautiful, functional, affordable solid oak pews, pulpits, communion tables, frontal screens and related products.  The Marshall Company's products are hand-crafted from solid Northern Red Oak.  Their product line offers versatility of design with numerous accessories for any style of worship.
Upholstered Pews
Fully upholstered, padded cushion seat with a variety of pew backs.  Also includes an optional spring seat design.
Solid Oak Pews
Heavily molded oak seat with solid oak back.
Pew back options, caprail options, solid oak ends, routed cross styles, hymnal racks, kneelers.
Our Lady of Loretto, Foxfield, CO
Upholstered Pews
Oak Pews
Pew Accessories